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P2P Scanner is a tool that shows you the best arbitrage opportunities according to various filters, thus freeing you from having to spend hours manually searching for the right one. Used for P2P arbitrage.

Getting started

To get started using the P2P Scanner, all you have to do is select:

  • Fiat – USD, EUR (or other), the currency you are going to work with

  • Deposit the amount of money you are going to work with

Your potential earnings - - will be calculated from the deposit amount.


Once you have set the filters you want, you will have the option to save them for quick access by clicking on select:

  • Profile – you can also delete existing profiles, edit or create new ones.

This can be helpful for those who work with multiple exchanges and banks for simplicity and speed.

These profiles will also be used for Telegram notifications



P2P Scanner includes arbitrage without and with spot trading.

When you click the spot button, P2P Scanner will show you arbitrage using spot. That is, arbitrage where you need to use spot trading to exchange one asset for another.

Spot exchange can be either on the first exchange or on the second exchange (the exchange where we buy or sell the asset). To see detailed information on which exchange you need to do the exchange, in P2P Scanner, click on the Info button.

If the spot button is not selected, two-action arbitrage (without spot) will be shown.


P2P Scanner has market and exchange arbitrage with and without spot trading.

  • BUY Exchange is a P2P exchange where you buy your assets;

  • SELL Exchange is a P2P exchange where you sell your assets.


You have selected two exchanges: Binance and Bybit for exchange arbitrage. The order of the starting and ending exchanges in the arbitrage can change, and the table will show the results with the highest spread.

That is, the P2P Scanner will monitor for opportunities:

  • Binance -> Bybit

  • Bybit -> Binance

  • Binance + Spot -> Bybit

  • Bybit + Spot -> Binance

  • Binance -> Bybit + Spot

  • Bybit -> Binance + Spot

Assets and banks

Assets are those crypto-assets that you can buy with fiat and that are available on exchanges or payment systems.


You can buy crypto assets USDT, BTC, BUSD, BNB, ETH for fiat USD on the P2P Binance exchange.

We advise always using USDT, as it is the standard and the number of arbitrage opportunities always increase with it.

Banks: list of all available banks (on exchanges) depending on the fiat you have selected.

Sell type

On exchanges you can buy or sell assets as a Maker and a Taker. Based on this, we have four buy / sell options:

  1. Maker / Maker

  2. Maker / Taker

  3. Taker / Maker

  4. Taker / Taker

Choose according to your situation, capabilities and goals. You can choose more than one option at a time.


Arbitrage spreads, by default, are shown without fees, so to see arbitrage spreads with fees considered, in the field:

  • Fee: enter the percentage of your commission. The arbitrage spread will be shown with it included

Minimum number of orders

This filter will allow only the price of an asset that is on the market X number of times to be considered and used in arbitrage. If you enter, for example, three orders, the scanner will add arbitrage with a certain price only if there will be at least three orders.

Buy and sell options

You have two options for buying and selling assets:

  1. Bulk: the scanner will show arbitrage, considering that we only buy/sell for the full amount of deposit.

  2. Retail: the scanner will show arbitrage with your deposit disregarded.

By default, the scanner searches for arbitrage considering the entire amount of your deposit (i.e., in bulk), but if you want to change this, toggle the value by selecting "fractional" and specify a minimum amount to search for arbitrage.

Minimum spread

This setting will allow you to specify the spread from which to show the arbitrage in the scanner

Searching for arbitrage

Table of values

After setting all filters and settings, we can start searching for arbitrage. Click on the "Refresh" button and a list of all available arbitrage opportunities with your settings will be displayed

From left to right:

  • Spread – the amount of an asset that can be earned by making an arbitrage

  • Buy on Exchange – shows from which P2P exchange you should buy crypto asset and which bank to use.

  • Spot – shows the exchange you need to make on the spot

  • Sell on Exchange – shows from which P2P exchange you need to sell your crypto asset and to which bank.

  • Sell type – the first value is for buying, the second value is for selling.

  • Limit – buying or selling your crypto assets bulk or retail. The first value is for buying, the second for selling.

  • Info – pop-up window with detailed information about the arbitrage

Due to the presence of multiple buying and selling options according to the "Sell type" and "Limits" filters (maker/taker and bulk/retail), the total number of buying and selling options can reach 16. Each row in the table has sub-tables. They contain all variants with a positive spread.

Info pop-up window

To get detailed information about your arbitrage, in the scanner, click on the Info button.

There are two pop-up windows possible: one with spot, the other without spot trade (depending on the filters you have specified). This window shows detailed instructions—what you need to do to make the selected arbitrage.

Telegram notifications

The biggest spreads in arbitrage occur in volatility situations and it is important to see arbitrage first. For this purpose, Arbitrage Scanner has the possibility to connect Telegram notifications, which will be sent to you as soon as arbitrage with your settings and filters appears.

The first thing you need to do to connect them is to set up the Profile you want to receive notifications on. To do this, create or go to an existing profile and set up all the filters you want to receive notifications on.

Next - go to the Notifications tab in the services dashboard.

Copy your personal access code to receive notifications (step 3) and specify which scanners and profiles you want to receive notifications from (step 4).

Go to the Telegram bot https://t.me/krak_notifications_bot, enter the /start command and give the bot your personal access code.

Done! Notifications are enabled. You can disable them with the /disable command. Enable them again with /enable


Why in the P2P scanner the buy and sell values do not match the exchange?

Pay attention to the filters you have selected and their indicators.

If you have a "Maker" method of buying and selling in your scanner, then you need to focus on the opposite tabs on P2P (Buy / Sell tabs).

I'm trying to set Taker - Maker, and it's empty. No arbitrage? Or a bug?

If you don't have arbitrage showing - you need to set more assets, or exchanges.

Why assets? On the example of Binance exchange: for fiat USD you can buy USDT, BTC, BUSD, FDUSD, BNB, ETH, DAI, BUSD crypto-assets.

For more arbitrage, we always recommend choosing USDT and all crypto assets that are available on your exchange. In this example on Binance, we would choose: USDT, BTC, BUSD, FDUSD, BNB, ETH, DAI, BUSD, thus maximizing the number of arbitrage opportunities.

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